Take care of your soap

Our soap is handmade in small batches with quality oils, fragrances and essential oils. Most of our soaps are made using the cold process method. These are made from a combination of base oils (coconut, olive, castor and palm.) Lye is part of the making of all soaps. Once the soap if fully cured, the lye and oils combine to form soap, in which case, the lye has completely transformed. It’s an amazing process. Once our soap is made, it is cured for at least 4 weeks. We only sell fully cured soaps. They’re milder and last longer.

Additionally, we combine a “superfat” to our soaps. These are typically “hard” oils such as Shea butter and cocoa butter. These hard oils add a moisturizing benefit to soap. It helps to make the soap more gentle. 

Vibrant soaps are labeled to inform you about the use of palm oil. Many of our soaps no longer contain palm oil. Although the palm oil that we use is sustainably grown and marketed, we are aware that some of the world’s palm oil supply may be less sustainable and harmful to the environment and wildlife such as orangutans. We therefore have ceased the purchase of palm oil and eventually will only produce soap that is made without palm oil entirely. 

The other soap we work with is glycerin soap. We outsource this soap to incorporate into our special and novelty soaps. Glycerin is a natural byproduct of the soap making process and is known for its moisturizing properties. Glycerin soap is also known as melt and pour soap. These soap have a transparent quality and lend themselves to holding fine details in fanciful molds. Don’t be surprised to see that these soap “sweat” because they truly do attract moisture, particularly in humid weather.

All of our soaps are labeled with the ingredients and weight.