The Vibrant Soap Story

From Artist/Teacher to Soapmaker

Hi Everyone. I'm Clyde and this is the story about Vibrant Soap.                                  

A friend came by our house and left a bag of his wonderful and aromatic homemade soap at our front door. For months I admired that bar of soap, enjoying the amazing scent and marveled in the fact that it was handmade. That was pure inspiration to the senses and the inspiration to make my first batch of soap.

I started my soap making journey by reading everything I could and spending hours online learning about soap. My instincts as an artist, love of photography and my interests in cooking and baking prepared me well for soaping. After making my first batch of soap, I was hooked! 

Posting photos of my soap online and bringing soap samples to parties generated so much interest that I decided that I’d call myself a serious soaper! Before I knew it, I was attracting angels and mentors who generously swooped in to guide me in developing the Vibrant Soap Company. Now, to be a mentor to others, I share what inspires me on Instagram, demonstrate techniques and color tutorials on YouTube and I've presented at soap conferences for the last five years.

I like that all the senses are involved in the art of soap making: the visual presentation, the feel, the smell and the sound of people raving about the soap. In soap making, I’ve found another creative endeavor to produce and sell along with my oil paintings. My goal is to make quality soaps that look like pieces of art.

Thanks for visiting our site. I hope you enjoy our soap!

Clyde Yoshida 
Creator and CEO, Vibrant Soap